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Digital Imaging Photoshop Tutorial: Here’s the plan, Tortoise and the Scorpion

I created the featured image from two photographs and manipulations in Photoshop CC filters.  Needing to have a picture daily for my daily haiku has been good — when I can’t find the perfect picture, I have been using my dusty skills in Photoshop to create the image that meshes with the haiku.  It’s been fun. So, of course, now I want to blog about it.

Photograph 1:

Scorpion.  I needed to cut him out and place him into photograph 2.  Tomorrow 9/23/17 I will do the tutorial on cutting him out from the surrounding sand.

Photograph source: Scorpion by 41330 on

Photograph 2:

Tortoise.  Wanted one on a river but this came close.  Either Sunday or Monday, I’ll do the tutorial on filters.  (9/24 or 9/25).

Photograph source: Tortoise by Jeremy Bishop on

I know how to do it but writing about it is a different ball game.  This will be my first time creating a tutorial so crossing my fingers.

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