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In September I split my daily haiku off from to it’s own blog, on September 13th.

(Note: to avoid typing out Restructuring Life a gazillion times, from here on it’ll be RL and Cactus Haiku will be CH) (Another note: 1/1/18 Split remaining part of into 2: and The budget/lifestyle stuff went with CactusCatz. Some of the comments are actually related to the lifestyle stuff which went to Catz)

By September 13th, I was starting to build an audience on RL to where I was getting 20-100 views a day and 8-16 wordpress likes a day.  It fluctuated a lot.  Splitting the haiku off, I lost some folks.

I think some folks who followed me liked the haiku and missed the message that I split them off as they didn’t jump over to CH but also stopped following on RL. Currently RL is getting 13-27 views and 2-6 wp likes.  CH is getting 16-32 views a day and 1-4 wp likes.  But I am picking up “anybody” likes: 1-3 a day for RL and 1-5 a day for CH.  My sister has started following me this month so she’s usually one of the anybody likes.  Another one is a friend in Connecticut.  Someone in Japan likes me too.  The wp likes are nice because you can connect a blog and a personality to the little icons.

The drop in views and likes (sobs) is ok.  Just means rebuilding.  I had been ambivalent about splitting off but now wish I had done it sooner.  I am starting to think of RL as my incubator blog — the place where I try out where I want to go. So it’s more experimental with a variety of posts.  Like I did a 3-part photoshop tutorial, a 7-day eat-in challenge, and a few cooking posts (noodles do so count!).  I know you aren’t supposed to do a variety but hey, I have to learn somewhere.

Most of the folks who visit me are from the USA like me.  However territori del ‘900 is from Pisa, Italy.  He has liked many of my pages which I appreciate a lot.  His posts are usually in Italian but he has loads of pictures on them of Pisa past and present.  Pretty cool.

You can check out my visitors on my blog roll on the left side.  Writing ranges from poetry, fiction to nonfiction and journaling.  I’ve had a lot of interesting reads as I have tried to check people out who have liked me.

What else is new?  Well, for CH, I found a couple group pinterest boards to join — my first groups.  I also signed up for Google Analytics for CH today.  With a different widget, I will sign up for Google analytics for RL so I can compare the two next month.


I am also thinking of making a little haiku/senryu poetry booklet with haiku and senryu from the first 30 days which means brushing up some of my graphic/layout skills.  With Amazon making self-publishing so easy, I really want to try making my own little book.  I loved buying the little poetry books at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.  It’ll be fun to make one.

So that’s it, a rather uneven month (glad it’s over) but I’m looking forward to October.


  1. sorry about the accident. if u hadn’t taken me to get an x-ray, we wouldn’t have had an accident on the way home. At least, you did save money staying with me to help at the beginning of the month. Maybe you should stay again to save more $$. LOL. See you in the am

    • No worries, Carol. It probably would have happened anyways. Remember I decided to stay home instead of driving to California because I had a feeling I’d have a car accident? It happened anyways later that week! Darn it! And no I’m not psychic. Just that like a lot of people I get feelings and hunches. I’m finally starting to listen to them late in life — not that it’s doing any good. Now if only I could have a “feeling” about lottery numbers, I would be a happy camper!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your fender bender. I do hope that you weren’t injured. Deductibles are hard on a budget as a person is not prepared for it. Last year our living room ceiling caved in from our roof leaking after an extremely hard downpour. Then in September of the same year, our van was broken into in Vegas. Damage to the vehicle plus homeowners insurance claims. The three combined put us out over $1500 when you count renting a car to return home, losing a weeks wages, returning to Vegas to pickup repaired van, hotel stay, food, gas and of course, Vegas etc. I will have to say that 2016 was a bad year. Then there is 2017…

    Then again ~ I would rather pay the deductible than the repair costs any day!

    • Yeah, it can be tough when things happen back to back. Although it’s probably going to be a good thing for my blog as I’ll have to scramble to come up with the $500. What should I call the series? “The perils of hustling for a quick buck?” Laughing. I actually was thinking of giving plasma too. I’d heard of it for ages, of course. I’m a little curious about it because someone said you can just sit there and read a book and they pay you more the first time. Sitting with mom at dialysis has gotten me used to tubes which was one reason I thought I’d never do it. Or maybe publish a little poetry booklet. Or have a garage sale. Or …. Oh gosh, I better start hustling instead of typing or I’ll never raise the $500, lol.

  3. It will be quite enjoyable to read all your Haikus in one book. I, for one, look forward to it coming out. Please keep us avid followers, and new followers, informed.


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