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My blog stats, challenging myself to double pageviews on Cactus Haiku by month’s end


My daily haiku and senryu were originally here on Restructuring .   I was gathering followers but I suspected many of them just liked the haiku. I spun off the haiku and senryu to Cactus Haiku but took a big hit on both blogs in terms of page views and visitors.

These are jetpack stats which is a lot lower than what I am seeing on Google Analytics.  Since I am also seeing traffic in real time through Wordfence, I’ve also noticed the jetpack stats underreport how many people are coming over from pinterest.  So I suspect it is under-reporting in general but in my first few weeks that was the only stats I used so for consistency I will use them for this challenge for visitors and pageviews.

I spun off Cactus Haiku on 9/13/17

Prior to that the highest stats were  (Restructuring Life and daily haiku / senryu together)

Pageviews: 104
Visitors: 30

Since then the highest stats are:

Cactus Haiku

Pageviews: dropped to 10, recovered to a high of 45
Visitors: dropped to 4, recovered to a high of 25

Restructuring Life

Pageviews: dropped to 9, recovered to a high of 29
Visitors: dropped to 2, recovered to a high of 16

My challenge: For Cactus Haiku to hit a high of 104 page views by October 31st (preferably 200)

For Cactus Haiku to increase to a high of 50 visitors daily, and to increase followers to 25

Followers will be defined as anyone who “likes” a post at least twice a week (if they use the same kind of like) and at least two different weeks or follows through rss, email or wordpress reader.

I have two different likes on my page: one is a wordpress like and other one is open to anyone.  Generally speaking I’ve noticed that the wordpress folks use the wordpress like and those that don’t have a wordpress account use the other. The reports don’t overlap so I don’t really have a way if someone uses one like type one day and the other like type the next to know it is the same person.  So that type of follower, I don’t have a way to count.

I will also use Google Analytics to report on social media referrers as the count may be more accurate.

The challenge is for Cactus Haiku because as I try things, I will report it here.  It would seem self-serving to try things to increase readership and report those tactics on the same blog.  Plus Cactus Haiku has the advantage of having at least one focus on each post: the daily haiku / senryu while Restructuring Life is, let’s face it, schizophrenic.  Here I blog about whatever.




  1. I, for one, enjoy reading your Haikus and Senyrus daily. But that is not the only reason why I look forward to them. I love your eclectic topics and the style in which you write. Thank you for brightening my day!


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