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Double Pageview Challenge : Day 6 for spinoff Cactus Haiku


Day 6, we are continuing the challenge of doubling the popularity of spinoff Cactus Haiku in one month. First the chart at the top and then whatever strategies I am trying out.

This Thursday pageviews, visitors, and likes is higher than last 4 Thursdays. My “other likes” were higher on September 14 but that was an unsual high.  I usually only get 1-3 as most my likes come from WordPress bloggers. WordPress stats people coming over from Facebook and WordPress is up. One was the highest before; today was 5.  Google Analytics show 6 people coming over from Pinterest and WordPress shows 0.  I’ll go with GA on that one.


So let’s see how I did yesterday (Thursday) compared to previous Thursdays:

date 10/12/17 10/5/17 9/28/17 9/21/17 9/14/17
views  41 12 31 32 23
visitors  25 8 17 20 12
wp likes  10 1 4 6 6
other likes  1 1 3 1 5
pinterest referred*  6 / 0 4/ 0 — / 0  — / 1 –/ 0
facebook referred*  5 / 5 1 /1 — / 1  — / 1 –/ 0
wordpress referred*  1 / 5 0 / 0 — / 0  –/ 1 –/ 0

*pinterest, facebook, wordpress are showing google analytics stats / wp stats (since I only signed up for google analytics this week, there are not stats for prior weeks for GA)
**I have set up google analytics to minus my own isp so that it doesn’t get added into the numbers


2 new followers today.

      The Inkwell

     pushing rope

Technically I probably shouldn’t count Pushing Rope.  She is a new blogger.  I am doing a volunteer thing at the library where I set up a meetup for bloggers.  She was the only one who showed and she wanted to blog.  So last week, I showed her how to start up a wordpress blog and she wrote her first post.  This week I showed her the wordpress reader so she could learn to follow.  So she followed me, lol.  I also showed her the wordpress daily prompts so she might start writing for those as well.  She is new so please encourage her by giving her a like. Pithy is a very short post:  a hilarious wall photo.

Strategy 3: Pinterest Group Boards

6 referrers from Pinterest according to Google Analytics. Still have not heard back on my requests to join several groups. No pins of my poems today.
On the senryu group board I started, 1 person has pinned to it and one new person has started following it.

Strategy 4: Facebook Group Pages

Still waiting for someone else to post in Haiku & Senryu Garden before I post another one.  I added the Fraud senryu early 12th am to the Haiku and Kyoka group and got a couple likes.

In Facebook, they give a number called “reach” . My cat senryus seem to be most popular, getting 5x more “reach” than my other senryus.

Strategy 5: Medium Publication Pages

On the 10th, I applied to put two more poems into the Haiku Hub Publication.   I applied to be accepted to another poetry publication on the 12th. Still waiting to hear back on both. No new followers, no new claps.

Strategy 6: Instagram

Didn’t do anything here since I signed up.

Strategy 7: Challenges

I haven’t done any other haiku challenges yet.


I received 10 likes today, four days in a row. Yay! it does look like my new average.  Here is my happy applause for the people who liked me on the 12th.

     Everyday Strange


     Random Thoughts

      Flowers and Breezes

     territori del ‘900



     k versus

Original Dante is a new “liker”.  He is a poet with more than 1,000 followers! Very impressive to someone who hasn’t hit 20 yet.  Also his latest post, he is reading a poem for the first time in audio.

So what improved?

  • Pageviews, Visitors, Likes, Referrers are up this Thursday compared to past 3 ones.
  • Likes are holding steady at 10 for the fourth day in a row.
  • Picked up two new followers

Anyways, that’s it for the 6th day of the challenge. Again I posted the graph to show you how the last 6 days is considerably better than the previous few weeks.  The orange is the 12th.  (the 13th of course has 0 cuz it’s in the early am here, no hits yet)

And as the bunny says, “That’s all folks!”

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