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Tucson Writer’s Thursday Blogging Meet: a better WordPress menu, deleting pages and posts


We meet Thursdays at the Murphy-Wilmot Library.  One person showed up today.  Since last time vjs came she signed up for WordPress and started a new blog, Pushing Rope, we just went from there. She was thrilled that she already had her first like on her nightshade post but couldn’t figure out how they even found her.

love the black menu

The usual menu that comes up when you go to doesn’t have as much features as the black WordPress menu aka admin menu.  I had shown it to vjs last time and it was much easier for her to post and add new pictures that way.  I don’t know the if there is a button to get there.

The way I go there is to add “wp-admin” to your url.  For example if your url is “”, then change it to “”.  The magic menu will show up.

You have to be the administrator on the site to be able to use all the functions.  Also if you are doing a free blog at, there will be some things you can’t do, like add widgets.


Last week she started the blog but we didn’t deal much with customizing as I think it is more important to get to the writing part or you can bogged down in the technicalities.  We did, however, set the title of the blog last time.  This week, by herself she took a picture of herself pushing a rope and added it at the top.

However, when you start off with a template, there are some pages already given and some featured images already set.  So today we deleted the irrelevant pages that she didn’t want to use.

To delete unwanted pages:

  • Go to “Pages”, click on “All Pages”
  • A list of Pages will show up
  • Float your mouse over the Page you want to delete, a small textmenu will appear under it: “Edit”, “Quick Edit”, “Trash”, “View”
  • Under the Page you want to delete, click on the text “trash”
  • Done

On the Home and About page, she decided to keep them but changed the text and removed the featured image.  She added a cutout version of her pulling rope image above the text instead.

She was using the free Dara theme which has a Testimonial page. She deleted the text on the Testimonial page

To delete unwanted posts or drafts, do the same thing as in pages except go to Posts: All Posts.

To remove a featured image:

  • Go to the Page or Post you want to remove the image
  • Click Edit
  • Scroll down until you see “Featured Image” on the right side
  • Click on the text link “Remove Featured Image”
  • done

I explained that a featured image is the image that shows on the WordPress reader to entice people to read her post.

Text Widget

At the bottom of her page, there was unwanted text in the text widget.  This was actually located in the “Social Menu”.

To delete the text widget (or any widget in the Social Menu): (for the pics, I changed my sample blog to the same as her theme so I can use show how to change take the widget you)

  • Go to Appearances, click on “Customize”
  • Click on Widgets
  • On her Widgets Page, it is divided into Sidebar, Footer 1, Footer 2 and Footer 3
  • The text widget was located in Footer 1.
  • There is a tiny triangle on the right of the widget.  Click that to open up your options.  On the bottom left is the text link “remove”.  Click “remove”.   Note: if you’ve just added the widget, it might say “delete” instead of “remove”.  In that case, click “delete”>
  • She left the search widget there as it is useful to find past blog posts

She wants to put her category list on the side so we will do that next time.

Since I had my laptop with me too, everytime she made a change and updated, I refreshed my screen on her website.  She was very happy with how quickly the changes went out on the internet — immediately.

WordPress reader

I introduced her to the WordPress reader.  Part of the cool thing of starting a blog was discovering other blogs so I showed her how to follow other blogs by either using the search bar in the WordPress reader  itself or clicking on a “follow” button on a post of a blog she is reading and she likes.

Next time I need to show her how you can put in a picture on the reader so when you like someone you don’t get a generic little icon.


I think that’s all we covered today.




    • I think a lot of times when you teach someone, you learn too so teaching is a lot more reciprocal than most people realize. I get a happy high when the other person enjoys it and understands it. Maybe because it’s a new subject for me too.

      I only started blogging in July. I am not including the blog I had to do for a class assignment a decade ago as it was just typing and writing about assignments. I didn’t learn anything about the extra parts that come with blogging like in wordpress: themes, community, the reader, likes, following and all that stuff. Plus when someone ask questions, if I don’t know the answer off the top of my head, the research teaches me something new. Besides vjs has a quirky sense of humor so she is fun.

      So while I appreciate your compliment, think of it as very sweet and would love to get away with you thinking I am kind, I feel like I am receiving joy/fun/learning. I think of being kind as giving but not receiving. Maybe I’m wrong on what kindness is though. Have to think of it a bit.


    • By the way, thank you Diane! I went to vjs blog to read the nightshade post and you beat me to it! I can guess how excited she is when her email said she got a like. I bet she’ll tell me about it at the next Thursday meeting.


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