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Double Pageview Challenge : Day 11 for spinoff Cactus Haiku


Day 11


Tuesday was pretty good.  It was the highest for a Tuesday although not a new high. Medium kicked in.  People left comments.  Joined two new poetry challenges.  It was a good day.


Yellow days are since starting the challenge.


date 10/17/17 10/10/17 10/3/17 9/26/17 9/19/17
views 72  46 13 23 38
visitors 35  23 8 14 17
wp likes 20  10 1 4 13
other likes 1  3 1 3 2
pinterest referred* 7/ 0  1 / 1 — / 0 — / 1  — / 0
facebook referred* 4 / 4  2 / 1 — / 0 — / 0  — / 0
wordpress referred* 1 / 5  7 / 1 — / 0 — / 0  –/ 0

*pinterest, facebook are showing google anayltics stats / wp stats (since I only signed up for google analytics this week, there are not stats for prior weeks for GA)
**GA doesn’t show wordpress in the socials stats so this is only from wordpress stats
***I have set up google analytics to minus my own ip so that it doesn’t get added into the numbers


One new followers on Tuesday.

Strategy 5: Medium Publication Pages

Tuesday was a total surprise.  On Medium, Poetry in Form finally accepted me and Haiku Hub accepted another haiku.  I went over today and found I had 25 claps!  Totally surprised me because it’s been weeks of a quiet nothing. And both of them accepted senryu that had an accompanying essay so that was no issue.  Very happy!

Strategy 7: Challenges


Daily Prompt: Risky

I was very frustrated with Daily Prompts on Tuesday because my senryu Risky never posted to their site.  I checked my ping link several times and updated several which usually fixes it on the occasion that it has happened before but not this time.  I checked to make sure there were no span or div tags as sometimes that seems to mess it up. Nope. It was clean as a whistle.  It’s not so much not getting on as it bothers me when I can’t figure out why something isn’t working and fix it.

I saw something where WordPress punishes people with too many pingbacks listed on their page so my listing likes here on this Challenge I am working on may be a problem. Still it’s a different blog so it shouldn’t be. Apparently there was a problem with spammers in the pass using pingbacks so chronic listers can be mistaken as a spammer.

Although honestly it shouldn’t be a problem with the list.  I use the url for the blog and not a specific post.  My understanding is that if you do that, the blogger doesn’t get a pingback because pingbacks only go in the comment section of a particular post.   That’s why if you want a pingback to work as a pingback, you have to use the url for a specific post and not just the blog homepage.

It might not have been a problem when I am getting 5 or so likes a day but maybe it’s a problem now that I get 20.  I really don’t know why my senryu Risky never showed up.  I don’t know if it was too short even.  This is one of the few times I just did the senryu and no essay.  I did send a question to Daily Post to find out in their ask forum section “Community Pool” but it seems to take about a week for them to answer.  Previously, that’s how I found out it’s not possible to do a picture for challenge submissions pingbacks like they have.

So my “Risky” daily prompt/daily post entry didn’t get as many hits as usual which was too bad. However my combo Ronovan Weekly/Haibun Monday senryu got 18 pageviews which is a lot for one of my poems on their second day. This more than compensated for Risky not showing.

Two new for me challenges:

So on Tuesday I did two new for me Poetry Challenges:

Quiet & Space
Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge

The Tuesday Platform

Google Analytics also showed that a couple people were referred from the Tuesday Platform group which is awesome.

Ok! I admit it.  I’m just an attention hog.  Knowing people are reading me is making me so happy. Also one of the cool things with the challenges is that I’ve actually also been getting some comments.  A few people that I “met” through the Daily Post like Rebel Gal and 25more have been awesome and commented before.  Yet it seems that the weekly folks comment more.  Maybe it’s because they don’t have the pressure of daily prompts! It’s nice knowing what people think.

And yet, honestly, when I have visited pages without the “like” button, I really miss it.  Sometimes I just want to say I like something without having anything special to say.  The “like” button is such an easy shortcut for that.

Storing some photo challenges I haven’t done yet:

I am going to store a few photo challenges I came across here because I’m not ready to bookmark them and feel I should really close those tabs, lol, because obviously I haven’t gone out with my camera either.  Still, I don’t want to forget them so here seems like a good place with their release dates

One Word Photo Challenge: Sunday (this week: Landscape)
One a Week Photo Challenge: Tuesday (this week: Muddle)
Tuesday Photo Challenge: Tuesday (this week: Bird)
JNW Halloween Challenge: Daily, see calendar: open to photo, drawing, story, poem, quote
Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Nekneeraj Photo Challenge: Tuesday. art or photography; (prompt is inspiration by Gerald Larocque’s surreal photograph this week)

Speaking of which, I found this site I want to blog about so dropping it here too so it won’t get forgotten.  Google Arts & Culture beta

Cat Haiku Challenge

Two more people have submitted poems — not quite in the haiku/senryu/tanka form but I’ve decided to go easy because one person submitted a video of their cat. Boy can that cat talk, complaining once she was done.  The other one said it was by her son and I got this image of a little kid so ….   Maybe when the Cat Haiku Challenge is big and famous (doubtful), I will be a harsh taskmaster and shout “where’s the 5-7-5?”, lol.  It’s just fun to see cat poems, you know.


On Cactus Haiku, I received 20 wordpress likes on Tuesday.  Here is my happy applause for the people who liked me on the 17th . I’m going to do this like list in spite of my reservations.  I think it’s a nice way to say thank you in case anyone wants to go check out their blogs.

Tres Fabeaux A Life Retired
 Wild Daffodil Love it Now
Edge of Humanity Magazine sonofabeach96
 Rebel Girl
 Björn Rudbergs writings
 Heaven’s Sunshine persuasion2015
  territori del ‘900

And also thanks to 25more, territori,  Cee’s Photography and Ingredients Please! for continuing to follow me on Restructuring Life.

Someone told me recently don’t put links because people leave your blog to visit the link.  She said just put the name and they can find it in google.  Made me think, huh?  I figure my readers are like butterflies.  Yeah, they’re going to flit from flower to flower but if they like my flower, if it is rich in pollen, they’ll be back …. I hope!  lol.

So what improved?

Stats better than previous Tuesays. The biggest things I’ve noticed is that there is a different group of people at different challenges so I am getting a variety of bloggers, not all of them on WordPress like before.  Some of them are leaving comments so the blog is becoming more engaged.  I feel like I need to learn to leave shorter replies as they seem to be the convention.

I got accepted into another Poetry Publication on Medium and so have picked up a couple readers there.  Surprised me because suddenly I got a lot of claps and a couple new followers. I am beginning to read more poetry over there.

Also I was addicted to Daily Prompts before as I didn’t know about other challenges or how to find other writers.  Today, since I couldn’t get linked, I realized I have already stepped into a wider world of challenges.  I still got a lot of visitors and pageviews without DP which surprised me.  I feel like I just stepped out my door and just realized I can go any whichever way I want. That the one path I knew so well isn’t the only way to walk.  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  It’s so hard to choose when you want to do them all!

And as the bunny says, “That’s all folks!”





    • OMG! Colleen, I am sorry if you got a lot of pingbacks in the mail. I didn’t realize that importing my old posts to my new blog and hitting update when I changed titles and categories would resend pingbacks. Facepalms. I appreciate your comment because it’s how I found out my pingbacks got re-sent.

      You have a very cool 2-word tanka challenge on Tuesdays. For folks who don’t know the challenge, head over to this week’s ambition & change.

      I hope your NanomoWri month went well. I remember last time I did a challenge you were planning on a short hiatus for that month.


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