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Double Pageview Challenge : Day 13 & 14 spinoff Cactus Haiku


Both Thursday and Friday hit a new high pageviews for their respective days but not a new all-time high. Friday is second highest all-time high, though.  You can see the difference since I started “the challenge” in yellow versus before.  Visitors haven’t changed much since last week but I am getting a lot more coming in from nonWordpress blogs.

Comparison: Rows in yellow are since I started the challenge


date 10/20/17 10/13/17 10/6/17 9/29/17 9/22/17 9/15/17
views 89  77 26 32 22 33
visitors 35  37 20 25 11 13
wp likes 16  26 4 1 0 7
other likes 4  4 7 1 3 2
pinterest referred* 1 / 1  7 / 0 4/ 1 — / 5  — / 1 –/ 1
facebook referred* 5 / 5  5 / 3 1 / 0 — / 1  — / 0 –/ 2
wordpress referred* 2 / 6  5 / 10 1 / 1 — / 0  –/ 1 –/ 0
blogger referred* 10 / 3



date 10/19/17 10/12/17 10/5/17 9/28/17 9/21/17 9/14/17
views 68  41 12 31 32 23
visitors 24  25 8 17 20 12
wp likes 17  10 1 4 6 6
other likes 5  1 1 3 1 5
pinterest referred* 1 / 1  6 / 0 4/ 0 — / 0  — / 1 –/ 0
facebook referred* 3 / 2  5 / 5 1 /1 — / 1  — / 1 –/ 0
wordpress referred* 1 / 10  1 / 5 0 / 0 — / 0  –/ 1 –/ 0
blogger referred* 8 / 1

*pinterest, facebook, wordpress are showing google analytics stats / wp stats (since I only signed up for google analytics this week, there are not stats for prior weeks for GA)
**I have set up google analytics to minus my own isp so that it doesn’t get added into the numbers
*** GA shows Blogger as a referred.  WP doesn’t but it does name blog sites that referred.  I add up the named blog sites for the WP stats


0 new followers on Thursday.  Friday I got 2 new followers. I have more than 25 now!

Smell The Coffee

The Nutty Book Blogger

Smell the Coffee showed amazing blazing skies when Hurricane Ophelia came to England and wrote a haiku about it. The Nutty Book Blogger does book reviews naturally but also participates in Wordless Wednesdays.

Strategy 3&4: Pinterest Group / Facebook Group

I still have a lot to pinup.  I need to get on to learning Tailwind so I can pile it up and it can time the releases so it doesn’t overwhelm people. Generally though if I pin one, I get pinned … eventually, lol.

Added a bunch on my Facebook group page. Hadn’t added to the groups. doing this reminded me to so I added one to the Senryu group. I occasionally add it to my own timeline but don’t like to do that really.  However, I get more referrers from Facebook when I add it to my own timeline. I wanted more separation because I mostly have family on my own.  Maybe I should just start using Facebook’s different privacy settings instead.

Strategy 5: Medium Publication Pages

Getting accepted into Poetry in Form publicaton has changed things.  Seems to be a very active group.  My poems accepted there have been getting claps and I’ve been getting followers.  It’s been nice

Strategy 6: Instagram

uh, just hit a glitch.  Went back to it finally and I couldn’t upload any pics because … dun dun dun … all pics have to be uploaded by phone!  Everything I do is on the desktop!  I use photoshop to put my senryus on pics so …  I don’t know…. feels like an art project in the making.  Seriously, I am not a cellphone person! Just ask my sister.

Strategy 7: Challenges



Given my inability to get my pingback on Daily Prompts the last couple of days, I didn’t even bother today.  I just chose “Autumn” as my own daily word as DHBogucki  had generously uploaded some pumpkin pictures for use for folks on Medium as long as they are attributed to him.  So I wrote an autumn haiku — well, two actually.  Then I realized on JNW’s Halloween Challenge which has daily prompts, you can post to any of the days as long as it’s within the week.  October 17th, she happened to have Autumn up so I submitted to her challenge for the first time.

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille

Chevrefeuille set out a Basho haiku and asked  folks to write a haiku or haibun inspired by the poem.  Since Basho describes lanterns floating on a river, it reminded me of a Thai river misadventure.  I made up a new senryu and added the story — i came across it on my old website today so gave it a brushup  and republished it.  Difference between a website back then and my blog now?  This time around I know people read it because I got likes and comments.  I know, I know.  I’m like a puppy begging for treats when it comes to likes, comments and pageviews, lol.  I like sharing.


First Line Friday

This challenge gives you a first line to change into a short fiction.  So I did both.  I truncated the first line to start off a haiku and I used it to write a very short fiction.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Potion, October 20

Another one for the daily JNW challenge.  A senryu, of course. I used another Second Life photograph I created as avatar Kayla Woodrunner.  I used to keep RL (real life) and SL (second life) separate but I am slowly integrating my SL artwork into my RL haiku.  Especially for Halloween stuff — it really helps for magical or supernatural settings for a haiku.


Thursday I received 17 likes; Friday 16 likes..  Here is my happy applause for the people who liked me on the 13th & 14th.

     Everyday Strange
Poetry, Short Prose and Walking Love it Now
Björn Rudbergs writings sonofabeach96
 Rebel Girl
     k versus 25more
 Heaven’s Sunshine
 Giggles & Tales
 The Nutty Book Blogger territori del ‘900
Smell The Coffee

So what improved?

  • Pageviews are higher than previous weeks. Friday is second highest pageview high
  • Greater variety of social networks and blogging platforms people are coming from. I’m assuming that this means I am getting a greater variety of visitors.
  • Picked up two new followers

here’s the visual.  The orange is the Friday, the 20th.  Ignore the 21st right after as it’s in the am here on the 21st so doesn’t count yet.  As you can see I’ve had better days since starting the challenge but it’s still a lot better than before I started the challenge. Visitors are starting to plateau though.  I’m getting about the same number, just different people.

And as the bunny says, “That’s all folks!”


  1. Addendum: I just tried the pingback on Risky and Brave Daily Prompts (basically erased a word, typed it back in and hit Update so it would take). And this time the pingback worked! I have no clue why because I didn’t changed anything. So I am scurrying to write one on today’s prompt Expect.


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