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Double Pageview Challenge : Day 15 &16 Challenge Finished!


Yay!  Finished! Hit the 100 mark of the challenge on day 16! New Pageview, WordPress Likes and other likes.  Very happy.  (Actually I think I got lucky on Sunday to hit 100 because a couple people were playing catchup so it put me over the top.  Thank you, thank you, thank you)

The cool thing about this challenge isn’t the high page views  but in trying out new strategies, I found haiku and writing challenges.  Also joining a couple of Medium publications has been cool.  And I enjoy the visualness of pinterest.  Pinterest is what got me putting my poetry on images, especially my real and second life photographs.  Sometimes the goal you start a challenge for (double my pageviews)  isn’t the most important thing you gain (participation in other writing and photography communities).



date 10/22/17 10/15/17 10/8/17 10/1/17 9/24/17 9/17/17
views 104 45 41 20 27 10
visitors 37 29 17 10 17 4
wp likes 43 11 11 2 6 2
other likes 7 1 1 1 5 0
pinterest referred* 1 / 1 9 / 3  0 / 0  — / 1  — / 0  — / 4
facebook referred* — / — 2 / 2  4 / 4  — / 1 — / 3  — / 0
wordpress referred* 3 / 20 8 / 3 0 / 15  0  0  0
blogger referred*** 9 / 4


date 10/21/17 10/14/17 10/7/17 9/30/17 9/23/17 9/16/17
views 77  76 39 29 34 11
visitors 37  38 17 11 18 10
wp likes 22  26 8 3 0 4
other likes 3  2 2 2 3 0
pinterest referred* 2 / 3  8 / 0 4/ 1 — / 2  — / 1 –/ 0
facebook referred* — / —  6 / 6 3 / 4 — / 1  — / 1 –/ 0
wordpress referred* 5 / 13  6 / 15 0 / 0 — / 0  –/ 1 –/ 0
blogger referred*** 12 / 6

*pinterest, facebook, wordpress are showing google analytics stats / wp stats (since I only signed up for google analytics this week, there are not stats for prior weeks for GA)
**I have set up google analytics to minus my own isp so that it doesn’t get added into the numbers
*** GA shows Blogger as a referred. WP doesn’t but it does name blog sites that referred. I add up the named blog sites for the WP stats


Three  more new followers on the 21st and two on the 22nd.  I now have 30 followers.  Pretty amazing when you think on October 5th, I had 2.

Dancing Echoes Urban Poetry
Netdancer’s Musings Rebel Guy
Ramblings of a Writer

Strategy 5: Medium Publication Pages

I am participating in two Medium Publications now: Haiku Hub and Poetry in Form. They both do a mix of free submissions and prompt submissions but only show/accept a few new ones a week.  Medium is pretty huge so when I first joined, I didn’t get claps (likes).  Once I found a couple of poetry publications and was accepted into them, the poems that were accepted received claps, mostly do to the publications having regular followers visiting.  The cool thing was that the publications also was an easy way for me to view poets and poems.  They show visual squares so a way to get a top view before clicking into one.

Strategy 7: Challenges

The challenges have been the best part of what I had experimented at.  Right now I am trying to do at least one challenge a day, preferably one I haven’t tried before.  I’d like to find the ones I am most comfy with but right now it is looking like Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Imaginary Pond with Real Toads and dVerse Pub along with Cee’s photo challenges.


The first week of the Cat Haiku Challenge is over and we received 6 cat haiku!  That was totally awesome.  I have started a second week.

Yay!  Daily Post pingbacks is finally working for me again!  So posted Expect on Saturday.  Happy. But the post was realllly long, lol.  Egypt does that to me sometimes.

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Challenge : You had a choice of 1 of two challenges.  I chose the 5-line poem that had to use a synonym of fragment on each line from a list.


Daily Post (enlighten), Carpe Diem #1286 Love, and Haiku Hub: Home.  I love that I have found two haiku challenges.  Carpe Diem actually issues one a day, I think.


I received 22 wordpress likes today.  Here is my happy applause for the people who liked me on the 21st. (the new followers also gave me likes but are listed under followers)

Miss Pelican’s Perch
Chèvrefeuille’s haiku
 writing in north norfolk Smell The Coffee
A Unique Title For Me

 The Hockey Mom Fit Life

 25more magicandbeauty
sonofabeach96   Giggles & Tales
Rebel Girl territori del ‘900

So what improved?

  • Hit my challenge goal of 104 page views! Doubling the high of 52 at the beginning of the challenge
  • New highest pageviews, wordpress likes and other likes.
  • Picked up 5 new followers, now have 30!

Daily image

Weekly image: Pageviews (large block) and Visitors (inside block)

Now I’m done!  I am happy I discovered the poetry and photo challenges along the way.  Doing this challenge pushed me to look at various strategies and I found for myself, challenges are best because it introduces me to a community of writers.  And I find the current amount of visitors/likes is a good size for me.  I like to check out what the people who liked me are doing so much bigger than this, that would start to be difficult.

And as the bunny says, “That’s all folks!”   for real this time, lol.


    • Thank you! I often find most times when you reach a goal you find it’s not the goal that was important but the things you learned along the way just like this time. I’m really glad I did it but lordy, those reports — I’d say never again but the reason I do haiku/senryu is everything else I write tends to be loooong, lol.


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