Splitting my old blog — I am Sorry, I did not realize Update would reactivate the pingbacks


Hello everyone,

I apologize to everyone who got a lot of pingbacks.  I split my old blog into two and imported the posts.  I cleaned up titles, changed some categories, checked if images also came over and then deleted the old post from RestructuringLife.net after updating.  I did not realize that hitting the UPDATE button would re-send the pingbacks.  Since I went through about 4 months of posts, that meant a lot of people got multiple pingbacks.  Colleen’s nice thank you comment for writing about her poetry challenge surprised me since I did not know the pingbacks get reactivated on updates when imported to a new blog.

I split my old blog RestructuringLife.net into two Onblogging.net and CactusCatz.com because RestructuringLife.net is too long to type out and the name is no longer a good fit.  I have also realized I am basically writing on three subjects (CactusHaiku.com was already spun off) so it seems better to put similar topics together.  Part of it was also to make it easier our Thursday bloggers group folks to find the posts and links about the group on Onblogging.  I had joked that RestructuringLife.net was my “kitchen sink” blog but it made it hard for people to find what they were looking for.

Colleen from The Fairy Whisperer has a very cool 2-word tanka challenge on Tuesdays. For folks who don’t know the challenge, head over to this week’s ambition & change.

I am very sorry for people who got their mailbox filled up.

Mary  (MNL)




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