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Tucson Writers’ Thursday Blogging Meet : Random Word Generators and Friday Freebies


Laura (Laura J. Russell Romance) has written a romance novel and is currently looking for a publisher.  She is already working on her second novel.  Meantime for her blog she wants to have something to post regularly that doesn’t interfere with her writing so she thought perhaps she might write posts on crafts.  That reminded me of Freebie Fridays. I wondered if that might be a useful circle for her to join in the way that I found writing prompts have been for me.  With Writing Prompts, there is a central site or Mr. Linkys so you can see others engaged in the same activity which helps you find an audience for your blog.  So I thought I’d look for some sites that engage in Freebie Fridays. While I found some, I didn’t find Freebie Fridays, while popular, to have central sites with links to others or a Mr. Linksys. I will keep looking though as a Mr. Linkys group would be awesome for Freebie Fridays

While I found  Debbie Scott Photography & Digital Art does a weekly freebie friday, it proved difficult to find more.  Many sites tended to do it for a while or randomly so were unpredictable.  Some sites will have a category link in the menu so you can go to the freebies quickly.  Others like Ruffles & Rainboots, have freebies but you have to drop the word “free” into their site search bar to find them. I thought I’d go ahead and list the freebie sites I found even if they are not devoted to Freebie Fridays.

Freebie sites

Free texture files – Debbie Scott Photography & Digital Art (just started doing it but seems consistent about posting 1 each Friday)

Random freebies – Crafty Jessica

Free SVG Cut files – Kimber ♥ Dawn + Co  (random fridays)

Free SVG Cut files – burton avenue (does a lot of flash freebies, the freebie is available for a few days and then goes on sale)

Free fonts – Hungry Jpeg (not really a friday freebie but I thought I’d throw it in becaue it had some nice free fonts)

Random freebies – Sarah Types (timing is random too)

Since Freebie Fridays are inconsistent, there are a few group places where a bunch may be gathered : do a search for these terms (plural and singular): #freebiefriday, #freebiefridays, freebiefriday, freebiefridays, “freebie friday”, “freebie fridays”

#freebiefridays on Instagram (a lot of it are one-time giveaways but there are some crafters in there)

freebie fridays on Pinterest

#FreebieFriday on Twitter

While I am on the subject of Laura’s site, we had also talked about pulling quotes from her book and putting them on Pinterest quote group boards. The nice thing about group boards is that more than one person is contributing.  The hard thing is there is no easy way to find them.  When you do a search, all boards will show up both individual and group under the word.  The only way to tell the difference is that a group board has a creator circle with 3 sites on it and the individual has just the one.  I find groups by clicking on a person who has saved quotes I like and checking their groups — usually they will have a few group boards in the area I am interested in.  Here are a few quote groups I found that way.

A few Pinterest Quote Groups

☯ Inspiring Quotes ☯

Awesome Quotes

Relationship Quotes

Group Board Quotes

Love Quotes

T. wants to revamp her True Christmas site so that it can be year round to encourage families to engage in activities together to celebrate the true feelings of a holiday, rather than getting lost in the commercialism. Because nowadays a lot of the more obvious blog and website names are taken, one way to create a title is to have one word that defines your idea and then use a random word generator for a second word.  It can create a quirky title that oddly suits a blog, making the name easy to remember.

A few tips for site names:

  • Write down keywords or taglines for your site — this will help you come up with a word to use as one of the site title words
  • Thesaurus is your best friend — look up words that have the same meaning as your keywords
  • Brainstorm words that relate to your keywords  — for example for “family”, you might say “relationships”, “circle”, “love” — anything you might think of that relates to “family”.  Ask everyone, what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say “_____”.  It helps to hear words you may not think of.
  • Keep it short (people will remember it easier and be less likely to make a typo typing in the url). Two words max is a good idea.  This is one time when four-letter words are helpful.
  • Don’t use a brand name in the title — the owner of the brand name might send you a legal request to take it down

Random Word Generator sites:

Random Word Generator, Randomwordgenerator : can set syllable count, number of words, and first or last letter

Random Word Generator, Textfixer : can set number of words

Random Word Generator, RandomLists : can set number of words

Random Word Generator, WordCounter : can set word type (noun, adjective, verb)  and number of words

Random Word Generator, Watch out 4 snakes : can set word type (noun, adjective, verb) and complexity — in meaning, not spelling

Watch out 4 snakes has a phrase generator too if you want to give that a go.  I set it for very common adjective + very common noun and got “quick report” then I tried obscure adjective + obscure noun and got “unisolationist oreopteris“.  I like that you can set how common a word is but it would also be nice if you could set the syllable count.

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