Writing Prompt Page Update : 6/19/18


Added today


Writing prompts:

Days of Reason : poetry to be inspired by quote of the day. 28-day series. Scroll to “Day xx of 28 Days of Unreason” latest entry.

The Fake Redhead’s Daily Prompt : writing to be inspired by quote of the day. On Friday five quotes are given for weekend inspiration.

Cat Stark Daily Prompt : daily prompts.  Home page is the “About” page.  Look to the right menu for “Recent Posts” for latest daily prompt.


Photo challenge:

#2018 Ampersand — photo challenge centered around books.  Scroll down for monthly list of daily prompts generally posted towards the end of the previous month, ie June’s prompts were posted 5/24/18

Monday : K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge — K’lee and Dale take turns hosting the Cosmic Photo Challenge.  Saturday the prompt word is released.  Monday the post for pic pingbacks released.


Math Photo challenge to start on May 23, 2018.  Ten weekly photo prompts starting with the prompt “lines.”

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