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Blog Stats : Aug 7 – Aug 27, 2017


(Note: this was originally published on when all my posts were on one blog.  On 1/1/18, the posts have been seperated into Cactus Haiku (poems), Cactus Cats (lifestyle or whatever), and here On Blogging (blogging and digital imagery.)

In the beginning of a blog, stats are fascinating to the blogger (moi!).  It’s the time when each new visitor and follower is exciting.

My first post was July 10th.  Since I was having problems, from 17th to 23rd, there were no posts as I ended up moving from a Microsoft server to a Linux.  When I signed up for hosting though the web, I thought when they asked me about the server, the question was which computer did I have at home so I said Microsoft.  When I had problems, it was suggested I move to Linux as WordPress works well with Linus.  Which I did and it’s been so much much better.  Things all work! … well, unless I break them.

Since I didn’t have many posts at the time, I just copied the posts from my files and reinstated the same days once I moved.  I did lose all the stats and one comment generated from July 10th to the 17th but oh well.

But last week I noticed that my stats seem to disappear after 3 weeks.  I only have stats from Aug 8th and onwards.  So I’ve decided I’d store highlights in a monthly post so later I could track my progression.  It’s interesting for me because the stats actually show what I learn as I blog.

I had no likes for 8/7-8/13 because I didn’t have the widget activated.  I learned about it the following week (8/15) and viola!  people like me!  lol. My first follower started soon after on 8/17.  I did have the RSS follower by category on my menu starting this week but no signups until 8/21.  Although I turned on the WP follow button later, it got followers before the RSS one did.

August 7, I went to a Tucson women bloggers meetup for the first time. There, Georganne mentioned the Daily Prompt.  Curious, I checked it out and started  using them to write haiku.  My first few prompts did not show up on the daily prompts page — pingbacks wasn’t working.  August 13th I found the pingback setting I needed and turned it on.  Once I started showing up on the Daily Prompts page, my audience increased.

At the same time, as I posted to Daily Prompts, I started to check out entries by other bloggers.  This was my entry to finding other blogs and I started to follow them for the first time in my Reader.

On Social networking: I shared a blogpost to my facebook for the first time Aug. 7.  I just started Facebook recently so it’s mostly family up in Idaho. Started up doing Pinterest on 8/8.

Aug 16, I posted to Daily Posts: First Friday comments for new bloggers. It is fairly interactive but they close comments off each week to start a new week’s First Friday. My first two blog followers were from First Friday, which I reciprocated: Charmed Chaos and Let’s Talk

Aug 21 was the Solar Eclipse and my first Daily Post photo challenge for OOH Shiny.  Aug 22, my blog was down for several hours as I pasted something into a file and caused a fatal error.

Panic! I had not kept up on my backing up what I wrote so did some Google searches to find my own posts and copy them to a word doc.  Found about a dozen cached by Google which was very helpful.

Once I could find the file again (hard to do when nothing is showing under the dashboard!),  I took out the paste and everything was fine.

My posting poems daily has resulted in Google checking my site daily which has increased my views — a false boost since it’s by a search engine but I’ll take it.

So over the course of 3 weeks, I went from 28 visitors to 65.  So increased visitors 232%.  Yay!  Went from 0 likes (likes not turned on) to 16 likes to 47. My Solar Eclipse picture made a big difference.  It had the most page hits and comments.

My best posts of each week were posts posted that week.  People go back a little bit in exploring when they first come but generally just a few days, the first post and the about page.

WordPress has become my main referrer — it helped that I turned the follow button on.  I find I like the WP reader a lot myself. I read a few posts each day and do a few likes or comments.  More likes than comments.  Pinterest is not showing as a referrer which I think is interesting because I do look at my traffic: I’ve noticed in the last few days people coming over from Pintnerest.  It’s not being reflected in the stats though so I guess it’s not one of those that gets picked up.

Someone clicked one of my Amazon links for the first time on Aug 23 so I am officially an Amazon affiliate (you don’t get accepted until the first “buy”).  I made $3.00!  And then, of course, I bought a $20 book from Amazon so I’m at minus $17 right now but I’m still happy that the links work.

August 7 – August 13, 2017

127 views           28 visitors           0 likes          6 comments
(note on likes: didn’t have them activated at first, didn’t know)

best day: August 10 with 10 visitors, 53 views

Top 5 posts
(note on haiku/senryu: started them this week, no dailypost pingbacks as didn’t know how to enable them)
46   Home page / Archives
14   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Jiffy
09   Food: Cold Brew Coffee (Making my first)
09   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Glaring
07   Daily Haiku/Senryu : Shimmering sunsets, senryu and wild geese

Top 5 Countries
112   United State
006   United Kingdom
004   Australia
003   Japan
001   Pakistan
001   Poland
Top referrers
12   Facebook

August 14 – August 20, 2017

182 views           43 visitors           16 likes          7 comments
(note on likes: found the like settings)

best day: August 17 with 21 visitors, 43 views
gained my first 2 followers!

Top 5 posts
(note on haiku/senryu: found the pingbacks setting)
75   Home page / Archives
15   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Solitary
15   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Unfurled
12   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Recite
09   Daily Haiku/Senryu : Everyday Conundrums

Top 5 Countries
156   United State
007   Canada
006   India
003   Australia
003   Japan
Top referrers
(note: enabled “follow” button this week
05   WordPress Reader
04   Facebook
01   Google search engine

August 21 – August 27, 2017   (note to self–do these stats on the 28th, they are wrong right now)

226 views           65 visitors           47 likes          19 comments
(note on likes: found the like settings)

best day: August 23 with 15 visitors, 65 views
gained 5 more followers!

Top 5 posts
(note on haiku/senryu: found the pingbacks setting)
81   Home page / Archives
31   Solar Eclipse
17   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Visceral
15   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Inhabit
14   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Ooze
14   Daily Haiku / Senryu : Lurch

Top 5 Countries
186   United States
008   United Kingdom
007   Serbia
007   India
005   Nigeria
Top referrers
44   Google Search engine
(note this was mostly me looking
for my own posts to back them up
when my blog when down for a few hours)
23   WordPress Reader
08   Facebook


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