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Split off the haiku to new blog: Cactus Haiku. How I moved the posts over


Hi everybody, thanks for following me.   I have split off the haiku and senryu to it’s own blog called:  Cactus Haiku. If you like the daily haiku / senryu in particular, please go to


The haiku and senryu took on a life of their own so I felt they deserved a more fitting name and a home of their own.  Thank you to everyone who started following them on restructuringlife.net

It’ll take me a few days to get all the pointers on individual blog pages pointing to the same poems over there.   As I do the pointers, I will remove the haiku from this site.

Since the comments successfully imported to Cactus Haiku, I will be deleting the original comments on Restructuring Life as I reach the page with them on it to put on the pointer.  The likes didn’t import though (pouts) so I will be leaving them on their original page as I really appreciate them.  Thank you, everyone.

How did I move posts over to a new blog?

Using the export and then import in the WordPress tools worked pretty well.  After a full backup first, of course.

Go to the menu on your old blog click on Tools.  (If you don’t see Tools, you may have the abbreviated menu.  To get to the full menu type in “wp-admin” after your blog like this “http://yourblogsite.wordpress.com–or whatever it is/wp-admin”.   Your menu should like the image to the left)

Click on Export.

Under “Choose what to Export“, click on All Content.  Then click on the button  Download Export File.   Save it where you can find it again.

Now got to your new blog.  Go to the menu on your old blog click on Tools.

Click on Import.

Under WordPress, click on Run Importer.

Click on the the Browse button.  Navigate to where you have saved your exported file.  Click on your file. Click the Open File button.

Click on Upload File and Import.

Once I imported the file into the new site, I deleted the posts I did not want.

What successfully imported (so I don’t have to do anything, yay!):

  • text in the body of the post with their formatting
  • headers
  • comments
  • date of original post
  • tags
  • category
  • the affiliate stuff on individual posts: my Amazon books, et al and the Adobe affiliate ad (note: you do have to go to your associate site and add the new website to your website lists)

What did NOT successfully import so I have to handmove them:

  • images in the Media Library did not export/import (although I thought it did at first, the pointers in the blog pointed to the images in the old Media Library)
  • featured images did not import
  • counts went back to 0 (although you can fix counts manually by editing the post which I am doing as I make the pointers)
  • wordpress likes did not import (this one made me a little sad because I appreciated every one)
  • regular likes did not import (this one made me a little sad because I appreciated every one)
  • blog roll links (oh geez and that will be a long one to recreate)

Also I had to find and install all the widgets I had put on the original blog.

Also since I had pinned a number of images, I have a choice: go to my pins and change the details to the new site or rely on my pointers to do the job

All in all, the hard part was done — all the haiku and senryu made it to the new blog

Previous likes on this post from September 14, 2017-December 31, 2017 (took a snapshot since likes do not import):


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