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Digital Imaging Photoshop CC Tutorial: Part 2 Resizing Scorpion on the Tortoise


So Saturday, we cut out the scorpion.  Took a break on Sunday except for writing a haiku to my cat Midnight.  Found out today the world was supposed to end on Saturday. huh.  Well since it hasn’t, onward with Part 2 of the Tortoise & Scorpion Tutorial.

So next we bring the scorpion into the Tortoise picture, then resize it.  Easy stuff — you all already know it but just in case….

Moving the Scorpion

    1. On the Scorpion page, select all (Control A) or if you insist on using the menu: under “Select” , click on “All”. (Note: In the tutorial gif, I click on the menu so you can see the steps but actually I do the shortcut keys in real life)
    2. Go to the Tortoise page, paste (Control V) or the menu: under “Edit”, click on “Paste”
    3. Now for safety, I always make a copy of the layers for something to go back to and tuck the cutout (scorpion) under the large background image (tortoise).
      a. Double click on the layer name so you can rename the layers.  Name the layers. Hit return/enter once the name is typed.
      b. Copy Tortoise layer (drag the layer over the new layer icon next to the trash can).  Copy Scorpion Layer.
      c. Click and drag to move Scorpion layer under the Copy of Tortoise layer.  And don’t forget to save every once in a while.

Resize the Scorpion

    1. The scorpion is too big so we need to scale it down for the picture.
      a. On the scorpion layer, use Control T (or in the menu: under “Edit”, click on “Free Transform”.  You will get a box around the scorpion.
      b. In the options toolbar, click on the little clasp between the h (height) and w (width).  It will make the height and width change in tandem, keeping them in proportion.
      c. Click on the box around the scorpion.  On the corner, drag diagonally inward to shrink the scorpion.  (of course to make the scorpion bigger, you would have dragged it outward).  Notice as you go over the corner, the mouse pointer turns into diagonal arrows.  That means you’ll be changing the height/width together.  If you see a horizontal or vertical arrow, you will be changing only the width or height.  If you notice you are only changing the height or the width, just go back to the options menu and click the little clasp again.
    2.  When you get the scorpion about the size you want it, move it to about where you want it on the picture.
    3.  To tilt it a different direction, go just outside the box.  Your mouse should turn into arcing arrows.  When it does that, you can drag to tilt it in a different direction.
    4. All done?  In the options bar, click the Checkmark.  You have shrunk, tilted and moved the scorpion into position.
    5. For Safety: Now we have the scorpion the size we want him.  Rename the layer Scorpion Small.
    6. Make a copy of the Scorpion Small layer (Remember, drag the layer to the new layer icon next to the trash can).
    7. Move the original Scorpion Small layer under the original Tortoise layer so that you are working with the copy. Be sure to Save once in awhile.

Make the Scorpion and the Tortoise one layer  — USE the ALT key to merge!

Use the alt key!!! so you keep all your layers
  1. Above the Scorpion Small copy layer, make a blank new layer by clicking on the new layer icon next to the trash can.
  2. Click on the empty layer
  3. In the menu, under Layer way at the bottom, hold down your Alt key and click on “Merge Visible” at the same time.  It will create a copy of everything visible into the new layer.  It is very important to hold down the Alt key while you do this.  If you do not, everything will be flattened into one layer.  By using the Alt key, you keep all your old layers.  This is one of my favorite tricks.
  4. Name your new layer Tortoise & Scorpion.  Make a copy of the layer to work with.

Oh geez, I haven’t done the filters yet and it’s already 11pm.  Ok, I’ll do that as part 3 tomorrow.  The main thing I want you to remember (if you don’t already know it) is alt key with the merge visible on the layers.  It will save your hide someday.  You will love it.  Unless you’re one of those guys who get things perfect the first time.  Which I am not.

Have fun, see you tomorrow.

Note: I use the photography plan which is currently $9.99 a month in the U.S. as of 3/6/18 and includes the use of Photoshop CC 2018, Lightroom and more, including some mobile apps. I love this plan! I don’t know how much Adobe charges in other countries though.

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