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Double Pageview Challenge : Day 1 to increase popularity for spinoff Cactus Haiku


Picked up 5 followers and 8 likes yesterday within a day. The new followers was really cool because the last time I gained a follower on Cactus Haiku was September 15, 2017.

(Correction: just realized I took so long to type this the 5 followers are not within a 24 hour period.  Gained 2 on 10/6, 1 on 10/7 and 2 on 10/8. )

I only had 2 followers for Cactus Haiku prior to this.  Cactus Haiku was birthed September 13th. These two followed me when I first started Cactus Haiku (a quick thank you to both):


Most of my initial followers of the daily haiku on Restructuring were coming from WordPress.  I had joined the group of folks who write daily on the Daily Prompts from Daily Post.  Once you post, your post shows up on the page with all the other people writing on the same topic.

Some people, like me, browse the page and like the writing that appeal to them.  When you like someone, the wordpress reader sends you a note with the person’s name or blog name and the blog link. In return, some people who receive likes, go and read the liker’s post.  It’s not just a reciprocal thing; it’s also a way to get introduced to another blog.  And sometimes you follow them or they follow you.

The problem was that the notes from wordpress was automatically showing my first blog,, but not Cactus Haiku.  If they only liked the haiku, they were going to the wrong place.

So I finally sat down with the wordpress reader to see if I could change the blog, it automatically showed on likes and I could.

On the WordPress Reader:

  • Click on your avatar circle to bring up your account menu.
  • On the right, under “my profile”, the top button, you give yourself a nickname and you add your wordpress blog sites if you have more than one.

To choose a Primary Site out of your blogs

  • Go to “Account Settings”, the second button.
  • Click on Primary Site, the dropdown menu will let you choose the blog you want
  • Put in your Web Address

That’s it. Now when people see the likes on wordpress reader, it will take them to the one you’ve chosen.

Within a day of my doing that, I got 5 followers.  Cool folks with a variety of blogs (note I copied and pasted them from my notifications, the pics came with but I shrunk them.):


       Random Thoughts



Only two of the followers are new to me. Three of them had liked my haiku before.  I’d still been reading/liking them as I follow them as well. This simple change helped them to find the poetry again.

So if you do spin off a category of your blog, i think it would be a good idea to set the primary blog as the new one.  Following folks are already  following your old blog but this simple change will help find the new one if that’s the one category they liked.

Second Strategy:  Like your old wordpress followers now that you have the desired primary site showing even if you’ve been liking them all along

Now my blog was fairly new to begin with.  I only started blogging in July of this year and I spun off Cactus Haiku in September so it’s not like I had a ton of followers.  This is unlikely to work if you had tons of followers but it’s good if you had 30 or less.

I looked at my old history to see who hadn’t liked me since I had done the spinoff.  Going alphabetically, I choose the top 10, went to their blogs and liked something.  I like their blogs so I’ve been doing this weekly or more often — I tend to rotate a little.  The difference now was that my WordPress had Cactus Haiku as primary.

Within a day of doing this, three of the followers of my old blog followed me and three others, while not following me again, went through and liked several of my senryu poems, playing catch up.   You can check out their blogs here:

A Quiet Word


These two strategies are not really gaining new people.  It’s more like inviting people you already know and like to the new site. And if the category you spun off is the one they enjoyed reading, then they might come back.  Yay!

Strategy 3: Pinterest gives your posts legs

Doing the Daily Post daily or weekly challenges, I’ve noticed most of the readers read the most recent post and very rarely a previous post.  I started doing Pinterest a month or so ago.  What I’ve noticed in my traffic is that people coming to my site from Pinterest visit the older posts giving them a longer life. I like that about Pinterest.

Pinterest might not seem to be the best place for poetry as it seems to be more a visual or DIY site but quotes do alright.  Also poetry on images work well. One person scribbles their short poems on a stickie and then photographs it.  That works too.

I have gathered some followers but again they are split between Restructuring Life and Cactus Haiku.  Both of them have about 7 followers.

The people coming over from Pinterest don’t show up in the WordPress stats for some reason but I can see it as a referrer site in my traffic logs.  Also a couple days ago I signed up for Google Analytics.  I can also see Pinterest referrers there as well.

So I would like to increase my Pinterest repinnings of my poems because it will increase traffic to the older poems.  With that in mind, I read a couple posts about Pinterest group boards and sent a request to join a couple of poetry group boards.  I have yet to find a haiku group board but will keep looking.

So let’s see how I did yesterday (Saturday) compared to previous Saturdays:

date 10/7/17 9/30/17 9/23/17 9/16/17
views 39 29 34  11
visitors 17 11 18  10
wp likes 8 3 0  4
other likes 2 2 3 0

Gained 3 followers on 10/6/17-10/7/17 (24 hour period).
Previously my last follower joined 9/15/17.



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