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Double Pageview Challenge : Day 4 for spinoff Cactus Haiku


Day 4, we are continuing the challenge of doubling the popularity of spinoff Cactus Haiku in one month. First the chart at the top and then whatever strategies I am trying out.

This Tuesday has higher pageviews, visitors and referrers than previous Tuesdays; gained two more followers and is still getting 10 likes.


So let’s see how I did yesterday (Tuesday) compared to previous Tuesdays:

date 10/10/17 10/3/17 9/26/17 9/19/17
views  46 13 23 38
visitors  23 8 14 17
wp likes  10 1 4 13
other likes  3 1 3 2
pinterest referred*  1 / 1 — / 0 — / 1  — / 0
facebook referred*  2 / 1 — / 0 — / 0  — / 0
wordpress referred*  7 / 1 — / 0 — / 0  –/ 0

*pinterest, facebook, wordpress are showing google analytics stats / wp stats (since I only signed up for google analytics this week, there are not stats for prior weeks for GA)
**I have set up google analytics to minus my own ip so that it doesn’t get added into the numbers

I am also happy that I got likes from a wider range of people:


I got two new followers today too!

I have to wonder if the increase in followers is due to my “watching” it — like the 1968 “pygmalion effect” experiment where teachers were told their students were smarter than average and even though the kids were never told that, at the end of the school year their test scores were much higher.   I don’t think it is affected by the actual writing about my attempts to increase the pageviews and visitors because I am writing about it on this blog.

Ironically writing about it everyday here has resulted in a drastic drop of pageviews, visitors and likes on Restructuring Life.  Makes me think a scientific experiment while it is being done is a boring read but once it’s done and it’s successful and you can write a short synopsis of the results, then people get interested.  Or maybe my writing on this is just boring, lol.

Okay to give you an idea of the drastic change in followers, here is the followers by days.  I spunoff Cactus Haiku on September 13th.  My statement post to start the increase in pageview challenge was on October 7th. However, I started implementing my first strategies on the 6th because I had decided on the challenge (doubling the pageviews on Cactus Haiku).  I decided to publish my “self-challenge” because I found out previously I do much better sticking with it once I declared it here. I started the post on the 6th but didn’t finish it until the 7th.

9/13 9/14 9/15 9/16 9/17 9/18 9/19
new followers 1 1
9/20 9/21 9/22 9/23 9/24 9/25 9/26
new followers
9/27 9/28 9/29 9/30 10/1 10/2 10/3
new followers
10/4 10/5 10/6 10/7 10/8 10/9 10/10
new followers 2 1 4 3 2

My two new Cactus Haiku followers on the 10th:

      Giggles & Tales

      The Mind of Nox

Giggles & Tales does photographs and descriptions of Denmark among other posts about a variety of things.  It’s given me a whole different view of Denmark than I had before.  Did you know that Denmark doesn’t get much snow and it has a Sand Sculpture festival in the summer?  News to me too.

Strategy 3: Pinterest Group Boards

 I posted yesterday’s and today’s senryu to Pinterest.  I still have not heard back on my requests to join several groups.
I have started a group board today “Senryu, Haiku, Tanka”, stating rules that the pins have to be in traditional syllabic forms  of 5-7-5 or 5-7-5-7-7 but subject is open and they don’t have to conform to kireji (flipping ideas) or kiru (cutting word, punctuation) traditions.  I sent some invites out to folks who had a haiku board.  I have 2 Pinterest accounts — 1 for and 1 for  If you want to track different web pages, you have to set up different Pinterest accounts for their free analytics so I did.  So I sent an invite to myself as well.  As my other account accepted the invite, the new board now shows as a group board.  Yay!
I also started a free Tailwind account.  Tailwind theoretically saves your pins and then releases them to groups and boards at optimal time. I’m not sure how to use it yet so will have to do some reading.
I use the Social Media Stats widget to see how many Pinterest pins I have out there from my site.  It lists how many pins from each post.  So today I had a weird pop.  Yesterday the total was 286 and today the total is 440.  A big jump but I know from my email, I did not net that many pins as I get notified everytime someone pins me.  So I went to see what was up. My senryus Critical and Rhyme are both showing 101 pins.  My average ranges between 3-8 so that’s a huge difference.  I am speculating but I think Pinterest has put them on different category boards.  I’ll keep an eye on those poems in particular to see if there is a small ensuing pop of pageviews.

Strategy 4: Facebook Group Pages

As I said above, I didn’t post to the groups today.  In Haiku & Senryu Garden,  I posted today’s cat senryu and got a like. Additionally I received a like each on the two I had published previously. In Senryu & Kyoka, I posted the same cat senryu and received a like.

I had created a Cactus Haiku FB Page a couple weeks ago.  So yesterday I finally sent out invites to family and friends so picked up a few likes there.  Mostly my sister and a couple from a friend in Tennessee.

I’m not sure I really understand the FB page — it’s not like your regular fb page.  But people can do likes, make comments and share.  Biggest problem here is FB likes a different size image than wordpress blog post featured image so they are showing up cropped.  If I fix it by just adding the pic, then I lose the link back to  the site which is kinda the main point.  So I may not keep it up. Mostly it’s just my sister liking and sharing me.  No followers here although I got a few page likes.

Strategy 5: Medium Publication Pages

Yesterday, I applied to put two more poems into the Haiku Hub Publication.  Still waiting to hear back.

Strategy 6: Instagram

I never did Instagram before but it is consistently showing up along with Facebook the last few years as among the most used app on the phone.  So time to find out what the hoopla is all about. So signed up for it today.  Looks like another picture site. More like flickr than pinterest.  We’ll see how it goes.


I received 10 likes today which seems to be becoming my new average.  I didn’t think it would continue but I’m happy it did.  Here is my happy applause for the people who liked me on the 10th.

     Writings on a Wall

     Piper’s Adventures

I had to do a search for kc7sko’s blog as her current blog hadn’t had a post recently but I had a feeling she must be blogging somewhere.  If someone likes me, I like to read a recent post to see if there is something I can enjoy.  I ended up finding her on Doing Life Together which is a blog with a group of people doing posts calling themselves Tuesday’s Children, a Christian writers’ group which physically meets weekly I think in Tempe for years which also happens to be the town where I went to university.  Small world, isn’t it?
A little off topic: I just want to say thank you to a few likes on Restructuring too as I know these are long reads.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

So what improved:

  • Gained 2 followers on October 10th.
  • Pageviews and visitors are up this Tuesday compared to past 3 Tuesdays.
  • Likes are holding steady at 10, better than last 2 weeks. I am crossing my fingers that this stays consistent.
  • Referrals are up compared to past 3 Tuesdays
  • Signed up for Instagram. Created a Pinterest Haiku group board. Gained a few likes, comments on Facebook senryu groups.

Cat Haiku?

25more liked my cat haiku on the 10th and said “Cats make great haiku topics/characters. Really, cats are haiku!” and shared her cat haiku with me.  Which got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a cat haiku challenge?  just for fun.

I left a question on the Daily Post site in their Community Pool section asking if anyone knew how the Daily Post got the pingbacks to show up as a square picture like they do.

When I get pingbacks, they show up as a single-text-line link.I did a search on google but no tutorials on making pingbacks visual — they are all on how to turn them on or off.  I don’t think text links would be as cool as having those squares.

Hopefully Daily Post will tell me so we have a gathering of a bunch of cat haikus maybe monthly? If you know, drop a line in the comments to tell me how.  t would be so cool.

Anyways, that’s it for our 4th day of the challenge.


  1. I like the idea of a cat haiku challenge. I would participate…this might also be a good a Pinterest idea. I confess, though, to not doing anything much with Pinterest other than pinning a few quotes, etc.

    • If I can figure out how to do the comment pingback like daily prompt, we’ll do it. And if not, we’ll do it as links which is not as cool though.
      What’s your pinterest name? If you want I’ll invite you to the haiku group board and you can pin one of your haiku


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