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Double Pageview Challenge : Day 12 for spinoff Cactus Haiku

my day 12 Cactus Haiku increasing popularity report

Day 12, omg! sooooo close but no cigar.  Hit a new high!  96 but did not quite nab that 100. Again my pingback for Daily Prompts Brave did not work. New high on Facebook.  Starting to get referrals from blogger etc.


So let’s see how I did yesterday (Wednesday) compared to previous Wednesdays Yellow is when the challenge days. You can see the difference one week made:

date 10/18/17 10/11/17 10/4/17 9/27/17 9/20/17 9/13/17
views 96  29 29 16 26 1
visitors 40  15 11 11 13 1
wp likes 23  10 4 0 5 0
other likes  11  1 3 1 1 0
pinterest referred*  0 / 0  0 / 0 5 / 0 — /0  — / 3 –/ 0
facebook referred*  8 / 12  0 / 2 0 / 0 — / 0  — / 0 –/ 0
wordpress referred*  1 / 8  3 / 2 0 / 0 — / 0  –/ 3 –/ 0
blogger referred*(new) 13 / 5

Note: I added a new category “blogger referred” today because as a couple days ago, I’ve been starting to get people coming from blogger/blogspot etc.
*pinterest, facebook, wordpress are showing google analytics stats / wp stats (since I only signed up for google analytics this week, there are not stats for prior weeks for GA)
**I have set up google analytics to minus my own isp so that it doesn’t get added into the numbers


1 new follower:

Strategy 3: Pinterest Group Boards

Not getting referrers from Pinterest today but I have been doing new challenges so haven’t been doing any pinning.  I need to start learning to use Tailwind which I downloaded for free. You can put a bunch of pins in and it will release them at various times so you don’t overwhelm your boards.
No one pinned me either (have to pin to get pinned, lol).  Still have not heard back on my requests to join several groups.
The senryu group board I created is starting to take on a life of it’s own.  A few people have joined and they have started pinning poems.

Strategy 4: Facebook Group Pages

Facebook surprised me today.  I got a new high of people coming over from Facebook.  I have no clue why.  Probably my sister because she saw the poem on mom and probably shared it.

Strategy 5: Medium Publication Pages

I picked up a couple of more followers over there. It’s starting to pick up a separate life of it’s own.   Also Medium is mobile friendly, it could be why I’ve had an increase in mobile visitors from like 6% to 20%.  They have a story thing where what you write can only be viewed on the Medium mobile app.

I need to sign up for their $5 a month membership program.  The cool thing about that is the $5 is spread out among the people you clapped for – you decide how much goes to whom.  It’s a nice way to reward writers, photographers and artists.  Also yourself.  If you become a member, you can also receive bits of cash from thers.

One of the cool things with Medium is that they can highlight a line in someone’s writing that they like.  Someone highlighted this line of mine:
“too near the bone, skirting love
words can’t capture mom”

I think it’s a great way of pointing out what they liked about what you wrote.

I wrote a nonet for the first time for one of the challenges over there.

Strategy 7: Challenges / Prompts

Daily post still not working

My senryu pingback did not show up on Daily Post again for the prompt Brave.   I am teaching someone blogging on and was going to introduce her to it but am worried about that now if the pingback doesn’t work. For myself, didn’t spend time on worrying about it.  Just moved on.  Ok, I did check the site like 3x but that was it, lol.  I am thinking maybe for myself, it’s time to let go if it doesn’t work. I love the challenge of a random word because I’d write about all kinds of stuff.  But it could be time to create a different kind of senryu postaday — more centered in Tucson?  not sure.

Wordless Wednesday

Did a couple of Wordless Wednesday challenges.  One was 3 pictures from my garden which I called a “visual haiku”.  I wanted an excuse to do a photograph thing on my haiku blog so created my own idea of visual haiku.  After I did it, I really liked the idea so may continue.

The second one I did for Wordless Wednesday was a digital art with a photograph from Second Life.  I enjoy taking pics there but it’s a lot of work so haven’t been able to pull one off on the weekends like I used to do weekly. I thought this might encourage me to keep photographing in Second Life.

Wordless Wednesday is a little challenging for me in terms of “liking” other people’s posts because a lot of people are on blogspot and don’t have a like button.  When I try to use my WordPress ID to leave a comment, it’s not working so not sure what to do.  It keeps wanting to use my Google+ ID or something called OpenID.  I don’t really use Google+ but maybe it’s time to start.

Wandering Spirit Challenge, Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

This one is pretty cool.  It’s a collaborative poem called Rengu.  Today they gave two verses: a hokku and a waki.  You are asked to provide the daisan.  It is set within the story of an apprentice monk. It’s a fun concept.


I received 23 likes today. Yay! it does look like my new average.  Here is my happy applause for the people who liked me on the 18th.

Exploring the World around us Love it Now
Edge of Humanity Magazine
 Rebel Girl
 Heaven’s Sunshine
 PrairieChat territori del ‘900

So what improved?

  • New Highest page views, New highest people coming over from Facebook
  • Almost done! 96 pageviews, just needed 4 more
  • bloggers are coming over from other platforms, not just wordpress

Thank you to Everyday Strange for hanging in there on this challenge.

And as the bunny says, “That’s all folks!”


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