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Tutorial : putting your photograph into letters

Okay, Winter said I should focus my tutorials more so it’s just on one skill.  That’s hard for me because I think in terms of a complete picture and I work intuitively.  However, I did notice that it makes for crazy long tutorials so I will try to keep things simple here and maybe do a short series on the same skill and see how that works out.

So let’s stick to clipping paths.

One of the things I love to do is put a photograph into letters or other objects.  It used to be in Photoshop that you group things and that worked.  However, they changed it so now you clip things.  So let’s do “Spring”

Now to put an image into letters, you want a nice thick font. I’m going to use Jelytta

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I made my first little tutorial video as I did everything but I haven’t learned to do sound when I do screen capture yet. For some reason the sound from my mike did not take.  So you will have to follow along with the written steps. Sorry about that.

  1. Type out your word “Spring” .

2.  Now here I wanted to fill out 780×390.  I tried to use font size to fill out the space but 72px wasn’t big enough. A quick way to fill out a space with one word is to use “Free Transform”

  • Make sure you are on your text’s layer
  • Go to Menu : Free Transform
  • A little box with corner handles will pop up around your text.  Pull the handles out until your word fills your frame.
Annie Spratt on Unsplash

3.  So your word fills your frame nicely.  Now we are going to clip.  Open your photograph or image file.

I am going to use a wildflowers photo by Annie Spratt on

4.  Copy the image (control C) and paste it into your text file (control V).  It should pop into it’s own layer above the text layer.  It’s fine that it is bigger than your file.  You are going to resize it once you know how you want it to look.

5.  Make sure your flower layer is on the layer directly above the text layer.  If the flower layer is not directly above the text layer, move the flower layer above the text layer.

  1. Go to Menu : Layer: Create Clipping Path.  The flowers should now pop into the text below it.

  2. Notice if you move the flower layer now, it will move within the text layer so you can position it as you like.  If you want, you can shrink the flower layer but make sure it is not smaller than the text layer.

  • Click on the move tool (V) to move the flowers into the position you want
  • To shrink the flower layer, go to Menu : Free Transform.
  • Resize it as you please by using the handles on the corner and pulling in and out.
  • On the settings above click the little chain between height and width to make sure they change at the same rate so you don’t distort the picture.
  • Click the checkmark when the flower layer is the size you want within the text layer

Note: I use the photography plan which is currently $9.99 a month in the U.S. as of 3/11/18 and includes the use of Photoshop CC 2018, Lightroom and more, including some mobile apps. I highly recommend this plan if you’re into photography or digital imaging utilizing photographs.

8.  Here I throw away the white background layer behind the text so that the text is floating on an invisible layer.  I save the file as a png layer.





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