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Tutorial : Topaz going arty on a pixalated enlargement

I found my favorite sunrise pic I took in Japan decades ago but the problem is so far I’ve only found a jpeg version that is only 251x351px at 72dpi.  You can see the actual small jpeg on the right.  This is big enough for the web which is why I shrank it but without the original file, I’ll have to get creative to get something big enough to print. (I wrote more about visiting the sacred rocks on Senryu: Dawn)

If you want something to print, you’re talking 300dpi although you can probably fudge it with most at home printers at 150dpi.  But I’m going for 300dpi.  At 300dpi, this image would only be .837×1.237 inches — maybe big enough for a locket.  So I’m going to resize it to 7.5x10inches at 300dpi which will make a fuzzy pixelated image.  And I trim off the black.  In this slice, you can see how the resizing it so large has affected the image:

Now I’m going to pull the image into Topaz and see if there is something I can do to make it cool.

Yesterday i did my first tutorial on Topaz, a free app that allows you to make changes to images.  It comes with a lot of filters built-in.  You can also buy plug-ins to expand the effects.

I open my enlarged image in Topaz.  As you recall in yesterday’s tutorial, Topaz has 4 windows.  My enlarged picture shows in the middle big window and also as a thumbnail on the bottom middle row.

Click the duplicate button.  My thumbnail is doubled.  That way I preserve a duplicate of the original image if I want to compare various effects.

On the left menu, under filters, I click on “Painting” and it opens up a bunch of filters with a painterly effect.  Today, let’s click on “Edward Hopper I”.  I zoom in on the middle pic so you can see the effect Edward Hopper I has on my original image.

I’ve managed to preserve the sacred rope between the two rocks and instead of pixelated sea, I now have paint strokes.

I hit the duplicate button again on the original for a fresh start.

Since Daily Post had a Photo Challenge today on your favorite Rise/Set , let’s see what happens dpchallengewhen we try “Turner’s Sunset I” on my sunrise image.

Now the sacred rope is barely a suggestion although the whole image has a cool impressionistic feel.

I also try out the “Georgia O’Keefe I”. and got this

Now I have some cool choices to print out my favorite sunrise onto an 8.5×11 sheet. Which one would you choose?


You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon. I tried “Topaz Labs” but didn’t get any results. I don’t think there are any books on Amazon on Topaz Studio. Maybe because it’s so easy to learn? “Editing photographs” did return results including The Visual Toolbox: 60 Lessons for Stronger Photographs (Voices That Matter) today. Looked like a good book to me because the reviews raved about how the book helped them improved their “eye”. Search results will be different on a different day.

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images by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.



    • Yeah, I think it’s pretty new. I saw an article that it was beta just about a year ago. I wonder how long it will stay free.

  1. You really did an awesome job. You are so fluent in this photo stuff! Not me. If nothing else, you aren’t afraid to experiment…so unlike me. Anyway… Edward Hopper is my choice. Second is Georgia O’Keefe.

    • It’s pretty easy and you’ve got good pictures to work from. I am thinking the same thing. I like the way the Hopper one looks a lot.

  2. For me, Georgia 1st and Hopper 2nd. You could also try combining the best features of each one. Once you have the Hopper one looking the way you like, click on Apply. Click on the new photo that shows up in the bottom section. Next go back to Impressions and choose Georgia, or whichever other painting style you like. Now you can create a mask to make your own look!! Bonus tip: when you click on the + for creating a mask, there is an icon that looks like a hamburger (you will see 2, you want the bottom one), you can now copy your mask, then for each adjustment…you can paste the mask saving you lots of time. Oh, and the icon just to the left of the hamburger will invert the mask.

    • That’s pretty cool about the masking. I love that tip! I don’t think I would do Georgia and Hopper but there were a couple of oil-painting type ones that I liked an element or two but not the whole thing and those would workin Hopper I think. There is so much to do in this program. Fun!

      Plop a link to one of your Topaz-transformed pics — I’m sure people would love to go visit it.

    • So you like the Turner one? Cool. since you’re the one that introduced me to Topaz, have you done anything recently on it?


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