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Tutorial : Pt.1 Making a new WordPress post (both text and video tutorial)

Cindy is having a problem making a new post and since she is in Idaho and I am here, I can’t show her directly.  So I hope this works for her.  Since I’m new at video tutorials, I had a problem with getting sound into my tutorial so I changed screen capture apps and this one worked.

And since some people like me actually like text tutorials as it’s easy to see steps, here is the text tutorial.

First let’s get to the black menu.  WordPress has an “easy” menu, a blue menu that they seem to push people towards.  I prefer the black menu.  The black menu has more options so it is easier to find things.  So to get there is easy.

  1.  Go to your WordPress blog url :  for example:
  2. at the end of your url type “/wp-admin”
  3. now your url looks like this:
  4. if you are not logged in, the login screen will show
  5. if you are logged in or after you login, you will see a page with a black menu on the left side.  It will look like the image on the right.

Adding a new post

  1. Click on Posts
  2. A submenu will fold out showing : All Posts, Add New, Categories, Tags
  3. Click on “Add New”
  4. While the left menu will remain, the center of your page and the right menu will change to the “New Post” area

5. in the first thin rectangle is where you type in your title.  You can see I typed in “Tutorial : Making a new post in WordPress”
6. Under that is a big large white box.  You can type in that large white box, drag in pictures, paste you-tube video urls and do other things to add content to your post.

Adding text

  1.  Just type in the big box

HIt the “Publish” button in the upper right if you’re done.

The video tutorial also shows adding images and videos for the step-by-step text, go to the next tutorial Adding Images and Video. The 3rd part is categories, tags and featured images.




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