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Tutorial : Pt. 3 Categories, Tags, Featured Image, Publish

For this section if you are following along in the video, the video is at the bottom of the post and start at the 3:30 mark.

Okay, so you’ve added text, images, and videos to your post.  What’s next?

On the right of your “New Post” page, there is another set of menus for Publish, Categories, Tags, and Featured Image.


Categories are useful because you can set up menus with category buttons so people can visit all the posts in one category.  Also if you have the internal search widget on, you can do a search by category

  1. Click on the category or categories that fit your post
  2. If you don’t have a category that fits the post, either click on “uncategorized” or make a new category
  3. To make a new category, click on “Add New Category”
  4. Type in the new category title in the bar.  If you want this to be a main category, that’s all you have to do.
  5. However, If you want the new category to be a subcategory, click on “parent category” and then click on the category you want the new category to be under.  For example, you already have a category called “Budget”.  You start cooking cheap foods so you want “Food” to be under “Budget”.  You would type “Food” in the bar and then click on “Parent Category” and choose “Food”.


Tags are useful for search engines. You don’t need a hashtag.

  1. Type in your tags and hit return after each one
  2. If you want a phrase instead of just a word, type the phrase and hit return
  3. You can also separate tags by commas as well as returns.
  4. If you type 3 letters of your tag and wait a sec, previous tags using those 3 letters will show in a drop down menu and you can choose one if it fits
  5. Click on “Choose from the most used tags” and a list of tags that you have used for past posts will show.  Click on the ones that fit your new post.
  6. When you hit return, the tags will show with a little blue x to the left of the word or phrase.  To remove a tag, just click on the blue x.

Featured Image

The Featured Image will often show on your homepage with a link to the post.  Sometimes it will show above the post as well  It really depends on your theme how it shows on your homepage and if it shows above the post.  Also a smaller version will show for people who are subscribed to your blog on their WordPress reader.

  1. Click on “Set Featured Image”
  2. It will take you to your “Featured Image” page showing all the images you have already uploaded.  Click on the image you want.
  3. If the image you want is not in the Media Library yet, open the folder where your image is.  Drag the image onto the Media Library page.
  4. Once you have clicked on the image you want, click on the “Set Featured Image” button


Now that you are finished with Categories, Tags and the Featured Image, go to the top of the page, in the right menu,

If you are not ready for the world to see your blog post, click on “Save Draft”

If you are ready for the world to see your blog post, click on “Publish”


Yay!  You are done!


Thanks for sharing in my tutorials.  I hope they helped.




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