Oct 19 – 25 Listing of this Week’s Photochallenges


I am putting the photo challenges up twice a week, Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday or Sunday. If you are looking for writing prompts, click on the “Writing Prompts” in the top menu. The main reason I don’t do a list like this for writing prompts is many are daily.

Pingbacks are on today.  I figured I’d do them once a month in case people want to check their listing.


Thursday again.


A Listing of this Week’s Photo prompts/challenges

(Oct 19 – Oct 25)


Daily Photo Challenge: Check site to see today’s prompt

October photo a day challenge
Since this one I can see into the future here are the upcoming ones (19: Clouds, 20: Starts with U, 21: Maroon, 22: Bench, 23: Rain, 24: Breakfast 25: Apples, 26: Jam, marmalade, 27:Vivid yellows of Autumn, 28: Pumpkins, 29: Moon, 30: Castle, 31: Goodbye October)

Ragtag Community Daily Prom

Thursday Challenges (10/25)

Wednesday Challenges (10/24)

Tuesday Challenges (10/23)

Monday Challenges (10/22)

Sunday Challenges (10/21) (since I post on Saturday, go to the most recent Sunday post for the post to get the url for your pingbacks.  On Sunday, I’ll try to update to the actual post.  Since two have a monthly list, I can list their topic but still go to the most recent Sunday post for the pingback url)

Saturday Challenges (10/20)

Friday Challenges (10/19)


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