Dec 16 – Dec 22 Listing of this Week’s Photo Challenges


I am putting the photo challenges list up twice a week, Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully this will make it easier for folks to find compatible challenges for what they are photographing that day (or week).  If you are looking for writing prompts, click on the “Writing Prompts” in the top menu. The main reason I don’t do a list like this for writing prompts is many are daily.


New :

  • Friday Follies : photos of “any kind of sign, flyer, ad etc that you may see posted or printed or whatever/wherever, that would, might or might not, be intentional or unintentionally, a mistake or could be interpreted the wrong way, misspelled, be a double entendre or just outright hilarious”
  • skipped wed/thurs again (working two weeks on a seasonal gig so will try to do this as I can but it looks like it’ll be on the weekend instead of twice a week)


A Listing of this Week’s Photo prompts/challenges  (Dec 16 – Dec 22)


Daily or monthly photo challenges.  For Daily check the site to see today’s prompt

31 Photography Inspirations: December 2018 : here are the upcoming daily photo prompts (17: the truth, 18: something temporary, 19: comtemplation, 20: from a high perspective, 21: diagonal lines, 22: the road not taken, 23: illusions, 24: the moon, 25: neon, 26: the color purple)

Neon Sign December Photo Challenge : Blue, Birds/Flight, Menagerie, Cloudy/Clouds. Monthly photo challenge.  Subject is any neon sign that fits the prompts.

December Colors and letters – photo a day challenge
Since this one I can see into the future here are the upcoming ones (17: White, 18: Sage Green, 19: Ginger, 20: Starts with the Letter D, 21: Honey, 22: Raspberry, 23: Golden Orange, 24: Glorious Gold, 25: With the Letter T, 26: Shimmering Silver)

Ragtag Community Daily Prompts

Cees Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge

Ryan Photography’s Mid-Week Monochrome : Boats (changed on 2nd Wednesday of the month)

Ryan Photography’s Fur-Baby Friday (changed on last Friday of the month)

Weekly Photo Challenges by Days of the Week

Saturday Photo Challenges (12/22)

Friday Photo Challenges (12/21)

Thursday Photo Challenges (12/20)

Wednesday Photo Challenges (12/19)

  • Comedy-Plus Wordless Wednesday : a blog hop so scroll to the bottom of the post (not comments) and add your link.  Subject matter is anything.  Just the photo, no text in the post although there can be text in the photo.
  • Curious as a Cathy Wordless Wednesday : a blog hop so scroll to the bottom of the post (not comments) and add your link.  Subject matter is anything.

Tuesday Photo Challenges (12/18)

Monday Photo Challenges (12/17)

Sunday Photo Challenges (12/16) (since I post on Saturday, go to the most recent Sunday post for the post to get the url for your pingbacks.  On Sunday, I’ll try to update to the actual post.  Since two have a monthly list, I can list their topic but still go to the most recent Sunday post for the pingback url)

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