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Photo Hack : 6 art photos in 5 minutes from the same photo

Photo Hack : 6 art photos in 5 minutes from the same photo

Topaz Studio Lab

Topaz Studio Lab is a free digital manipulation program for Macs and PCs that has a huge amount of filters straight out of the box. Very quickly you can create an artistic effect for photos on your blog.  It takes 5 minutes to make 5 very different arty photos from the same photo.

PhotoHack: 5 art photos in 5 minutes tutorial, OnBlogging.Net

The Original Photo of my calico cat Pinkie

Here we have a straight photo of Pinkie.

Importing the Photo into Topaz Studio

It’s ok.  I love my Pinkie so she’s always cute but for someone else?  Let’s make her more arty!  It’s supereasy.

1.  Open Topaz Studio  (if you have the beginning newbie window of “Get to Know the Interface” click “close” in the bottom right of the intro window if you don’t want to go through those slides yet)

2.  Under the top menu:

  • under “File”
  • click “Open Image or Project” (shortcut: Ctrl O)
  1. Navigate to where you have your image.  Pinkie here is a jpg. Click on your pic.  Click Open.

  2. Your photo will appear in the middle.  On the left, a menu of a huge amount of filters will open up.

Make copies of the photo to apply different effects to

5.  Under your big photo in the middle, you will see a little version.  There are some little icons just above the little version.  Click “Duplicate” 5 times.  This will create 5 copies. I like to do that so I can choose between different filters.

  1. Click on your 2nd duplicate.

  2. On the left menu, today let’s click on “Impression”.

8.  Under “Impression”, click on “Impressionistic”.  It will give us a lot of choices of arty filters.

First Digital Art Image

9.  Click on the first one which today (3/4/2019) is “00 Charcoal Oil Pastel I”.  I say today because they are constantly updating and adding filters.  See how quickly it changes your image.

Second Digital Art Image

10.  Do you like it?  Let’s say “No.”  Then scroll down until you find one you do like.  As you click on different ones, you will see that it will change the little jpeg to the effect selected. I  scroll down to “AI Remix Van Gogh.”  This one looks cool.

11.  Let’s keep this one.  Go to the top menu:

  • Click on “File”
  • Click on “Save As”  (shortcut:  Control Shift S)
  • Choose your File Format.  I chose “Jpeg” since it’s going straight to my blog.  If I am sending it to Photoshop, I’ll choose Tiff
  • Choose which folder you want to put it in.  Click “Browse” and navigate to your folder.
  • Choose your color profile.  I generally pick sRGB as it’s been the standard and generally will display correctly across most devices.
  • Change the name to whatever you like.
  • Click “OK”

12.You can click on the “x” on the bottom right of the little image after you saved it.  I like to keep it up to compare to other effects I try out.

  1. Still haven’t made up your mind?  That’s ok.  Click on the next duplicate (it will still look like your original until you change it).  As you select each little blue jpg, it will be highlighted in blue.

Third Digital Art Image

14.  Scroll down and click on another effect.  This time I choose “Antiques and Memories”

  1. Click on the next duplicate.  Note: you don’t have to do a “Save As” one at a time for each effect you like.  You can find two or five that you like and then change them at the same time.  This is easier because then the app doesn’t go back to the top of the effects line again.  However, it depends on how much graphic memory you have.  If you do too many without saving as all of it is held in temp memory, you can crash if you don’t have enough graphic memory.

Fourth Digital Art Image

16.  Click on another effect you like.   This time I clicked on “Cathedral Rock Reflection”

Fifth Digital Art Image

  1. Click on your next duplicate.  Click on another effect you like.  This time I clicked on “Chevy Logos”

Sixth Digital Art Image

18.  Click on your next duplicate.  Click on another effect you like.  This time I clicked on “Van Gogh Sketch 2”

Import Images and You’re done

  1. Let’s Finish

  • Do a “Save As” (step 11) for all the ones you want to keep. As you select each little blue jpg, it will be highlighted in blue. Name each one differently so you know what they are. Also to avoid copying over one you want to keep.
  • Close Topaz Studio.
  • Drag the your favorite choice into your blogpost or send it to your phone if you’re doing Instagram.

20.  That’s how you can do a quick arty photo or even a series.

Don’t you love Topaz Studio?

If you used the tutorial to create a digital art image, feel free to add a link in the comments to the image you made. I’d love to see it.


You can use the Amazon search bar to do any search at Amazon. I tried “Topaz Labs” but didn’t get any results. I don’t think there are any books on Amazon on Topaz Studio. Maybe because it’s so easy to learn? “Photography apps” did return results including The Mobile Photographer: An Unofficial Guide to Using Android Phones, Tablets, and Apps in a Photography Workflow which I thought looked cool. Search results will be different on a different day.

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images by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved.



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